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Young Entrepreneur Inspires Students at Somori High School



Young entrepreneur, Eyitayo Ogunmola, popularly known as EyiEko, on Tuesday, visited students at Somori High School, urging them to become role models, leaders, and sources of inspiration in their community.

In his speech, Eyitayo outlined the path to success for the young audience, emphasizing the importance of education, ethical principles, and entrepreneurship. Drawing from his own experience as a technology entrepreneur, he encouraged students to excel academically and pursue careers that align with their passions.

“Graduate from your school, pursue higher education, excel academically, and then embark on building successful careers and businesses,” Eyitayo advised, highlighting the value of hard work and determination.

He also emphasized the significance of ethical wealth accumulation, urging the students to lead clean lives and build clean wealth. “In the future, people will inquire about your sources of income. It is important to live a life of integrity and earn money through ethical means,” he emphasized.

Furthermore, Eyitayo announced plans to launch more youth-focused educational programs aimed at empowering young people to build quality lives, careers, and businesses.

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