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Primate Ayodele’s Fulfilled Prophecies On Venezuela, Naira Fall, Plane Crash, Others



Nigerian prophet, Primate Elijah Ayodele has continued to raise the standards of the prophetic ministry high with many fulfilled prophecies he has to his credit. There is virtually no day his prophecies don’t come to pass and they are not just within Nigeria alone but globally.

He is no doubt an enigma when it comes to prophecy, he doesn’t speak in parables or mince words, he says it as it is and just as he speaks, the words come to pass. At the moment, over 15,000 prophecies of Primate Ayodele have come to pass and they are still counting.

Some of his newly fulfilled prophecies include:

1 Venezuela: Venezuelan authorities have arrested 32 civilians and soldiers after a months-long investigation into their alleged part in a US-backed “conspiracy” to assassinate President Nicolas Maduro, the prosecutor’s office said Monday.

In his prophecy book titled Warnings To The Nations ( 2022/2023 edition), Primate Ayodele warned the president of Venezuela to pray for his life. He also warned the country to pray against unexpected killings.

These were his words:

‘The president must pray for his life and the country must pray against unexpected killings’’

Just as he said, there was an attempt to kill the president but thankfully, it was prevented.

2 Naira Fall: Nigeria’s currency, Naira, has devalued so badly and this fulfills the prophecy of Primate Ayodele. The prophet has been talking about the issue of Naira devaluation for some years now. He also speaks about how much the naira will be exchanged for against the dollar and mysteriously, it comes to pass. The currency now exchanges for N1365/$. In his 2024 prophecies, Primate Ayodele mentioned that he foresees dollar exchanging for N1,400/$ despite the promises of the government to work on the exchange rate. It is not yet N1400 but in a few days, the naira may exchange for that amount. Apart from dollars, he spoke about the strength of naira against cefa and it has also come to pass.

‘’ I foresee that under the current realities, the cefa will be stronger than the Naira. Also, the dollar will rise to N1400 and this will shake the economy so badly that some forces are hell-bent on frustrating the Tinubu-led Federal government but they will not be successful.’’ (

3 Russian plane crash: A large Russian military transport plane crashed on Wednesday near the border with Ukraine, killing everyone onboard, the Russian Defense Ministry said, accusing Ukraine of shooting down the plane with missiles.

In his 90-page 2024 prophecies which were released on Friday, 22nd Of December, 2024, Primate Ayodele noted categorically on page 40 that a Russian aircraft will crash in the course of the year. Little did anyone know it would happen so soon.

These were his words

‘’ The spirit of God says a Russian plane will crash.’’

4 Senegal: Senegal’s Constitutional Council on Saturday published a final list of 20 candidates for the February 25 presidential election that excludes jailed opposition leader Ousmane Sonko and Karim Wade, the son of former president Abdoulaye Wade.

Primate Ayodele in his 2024 prophecies warned Sonko to be careful of being rigged out of the election. Sadly, the prophecy has been fulfilled.

‘’In Senegal, If Sonko isn’t guarded; he will be rigged out of the election. The election will shake the nation of Senegal and will cause Chaos if not well handled. There will be also be Election fraud.’’