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Kalu Congratulate PDP On Primary, Urge APC To Elect Lawan From North-East



Congratulations to the PDP for electing a North Easterner . Nigerians must have seen what I saw yesterday . For our party the APC , it is no longer feasible to talk about Southern candidate except the APC want to go on political retirement.

I urge the National Chairman of the party and the entire NWC to stamp their feet and zone APC presidential ticket to the North East .

President Muhammad Buhari has a right to choose his successor and I call on him to pick Senator Ahmad Lawan as his successor. In every democratic setting, presidents and Governors support and pick their successors . I call on President Buhari to pick a successor from North East and that will be the equity the South East need. With North East , the cycle will be closest to completion of regions producing president of Nigeria.

By now , all APC aspirants should drop their ambition and support a North Easterner . Senator Ahmad Lawan is the destination.

Congratulations to North East as we look forward to a president of Nigeria from the North East