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I am proud to be a Landlady in an Adron Homes Estate -Uni Ibadan Professor , Mrs Olagunju



Popular Nigerian real estate company, Adron Homes has made shelter available for every class in society.

The entrepreneurs, salary earners, civil servants, petty traders, average citizens, middle-class citizens, and others are being catered for by Adron Homes.

With Adron homes, several Nigerians who never envisaged having a landed property have become landlords due to the flexible payment structure and affordability feature of the real estate company.

For Adron homes, it’s not totally about the money, it’s about providing shelter needs for people according to their financial capacity. The payment plans have made it possible for an ordinary teacher, who can be classified as a low-income learner, to become a house owner.Little wonder a professor at the University Of Ibadan, Mrs Olagunju testified to the amazing qualities and values of Adron Homes.

Mrs. Olagunju, who is also a landlord with Adron Homes, described the company as a household name that she is glad to identify with.

Mrs. Olagunju in her testimony explained that the rare value Adron Homes offer has made it look like the company has been around for 50 years. Meanwhile, it’s been barely 11 years since the company started.

‘’My name is Prof Mrs Olagunju and I am glad to be made with Adrons Homes and properties limited. This prestigious organization has grown to become a household name in Nigeria and I’m privileged to have some plots of land with them.’’

‘’Their track record is amazing, 10 years looks as if they have been here for 50 years. The highlight of this organization for me is the tagline they drop across every social stratum; Making comfortable and affordable houses available for all regardless of their income.’’