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Grace Nation: Wherever altars of Sacrifice is needed, you sprinkle the blood – Dr Chris Okafor



When you grow something by Prayer, you must sustain it by prayer because prayer Is key, for sustenance, which is Permitted to opens all doors

Teaching at the Sunday Prophetic and Generational Services of Grace Nation International aka Liberation city in Ojpdu Berger lagos, The Lead Pastor Popularly known as the Generational Prophet of God, Dr Chris Okafor said Prayers channels request to elohim which stand as the official ways to seek the mercy of God.

The Fairy and Accurate Global Lagos Prophet, Dr Chris Okafor who Teach on the Topic “For This Reason” Explained that when things are tough and it seems there is no way, for this reason you go down on you kneels to pray, why because prayer is the only solution available to be deployed to get you out of any situation.

The Apostle of altars said with the knowledge of what type of prayers to be deployed and by listening to instruction, the Devil is Powerless, it is the powerless people that go to challenge people, Nooooo you don’t need to challenge them go down on your kneel and pray to God, he will definitely answer them on your behalf, therefore wherever altars of sacrifice is needed to be raised you deploy the principle of Blood for Blood and your prayers answer.

There is another kind of dimension of prayers we can deplore prayer to operate in, we can change situations, break protocols and take over situation through our Prayers, over taken is allow when we pray and Re-channel our request through prayers,
In as much as we understands the principles of altars and kingdom heritage, whenever we kneel down to Pray, God gives our prayers a Pass mark without stress, the Man of God Remarks

Generational barriers and Curses were broken, inherited battles lifted and bloodline diseases all destroyed at the Prophetic and Generational service at the international Headquarters of Grace Nation aka Liberation city situated at 8-10 Liberation close, Oshofisan street off Edozie street by Ereke bus stop Ojodu Berger Lagos Nigeria
The kingdom of Darkness witness high dimension form of destruction as God uses his Son, the Generational prophet of God Dr Chris Okafor to depopulate the kingdom of Darkness, winning more soul to the kingdom of God thereby making the Kingdom of God More popular,
God also used Dr Chris okafor to visit many case files, calling there names and addresses accurately, exposing the acclaimed strong man behind many peoples problem and profiling immediate solutions to there problem, More than 330 miracle babies were release while over 200 new convert gave their life to christ