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Grace Nation : I kill Demons and Destroy altars for a Living – Dr Chris Okafor



* Be obedience to God by  getting your PVC
* Miracle Galore Climax PHD Midweek Service
God is everywhere but he cannot manifest anywhere without invitation,God does not come to interrupt except by invitation, therefore it is illegal for God to show up without invitation
Speaking at the Midweek Prophecy,Healing and deliverance service of Grace Nation international  aka Liberation City, the Led Pastor Dr Chris Okafor explained that there are some foolish people who don’t believes that God exist, some say there is no God forgetting that the spirit of Elohim giveth Life
The Generational Prophet of God Dr Chris Okafor who teach on The consequences and Actions of our father emphasised that the action of our forefather show up at the edge of there breakthrough ,  even in some cases blocked the breakthrough of the children who are ignorant of there father’s transaction
He said this and more are the reason why some people pray ,pray and pray without results blaming  God for not answering their prayers but not knowing that their predicaments was as a result of there forefathers involvement
The man of God who.also declared that he is licence to kill Demons and Destroy evil altars says Prayers is only the way  to break out of the father’s iniquities,
Pray and be committed to the work of God, what you did not work for ,can never work for you, He remarked.
Advising Nigerians against any unforseen conspiracy towards 2023  General election,  the Clergy warns Nigerians to be obedience to God instruction by ensuring this Nigerians irrespective of their tribes and religion to get there PVC ready saying only this will give them opportunity to vote and decide who governs them come 2023
The Prophecy,  healings and deliverance service was climax with various miracles, Deliverance and mind blowing Testimonies.