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Glitz & Glamour as Adron Homes Rewards Staff with Recognition Awards



The year 2023 may have started slowly for many but for Adron Homes, a prominent player in the real estate industry, it paved way for it’s staff to think outside the box at how to help position the company and the reward came at the end.

Towards ensuring that the staff’s hard work did not go unnoticed, staff of the company were rewarded with prestigious awards of recognition at a grand event held at The Arena.

The evening was an extravaganza of celebration and acknowledgment, highlighting the commitment, dedication, and outstanding contributions of the company’s employees. From innovative minds shaping the future of real estate to steadfast professionals driving customer satisfaction, the awards encompassed various categories, honoring excellence across diverse roles within the organization.

Amidst an ambiance of elegance, Adron Homes’ MD Aare Adetola Emmanuel King, expressed gratitude for the relentless efforts of his team members in propelling the company’s success forward. The awards ceremony served as a platform not only to commend individual achievements but also to reinforce a culture of excellence and teamwork within the organization.

The glitzy affair at The Arena showcased Adron Homes’ commitment to nurturing and acknowledging the talent that forms the backbone of their continued growth and success in the real estate landscape.