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Chess Brilliance in Focus: Tunde Onakoya’s Marathon Explored through Media Intelligence Report



P+ Measurement Services, an Independent Media Intelligence Consultancy, conducted a comprehensive media performance audit of Tunde Onakoya’s historic Chess Marathon, held in the iconic New York Times Square, which got him into the Guinness World Records, after a 60-hour gameplay, surpassing the previous record of 56 hours, 9 minutes, and 37 seconds, solidifying its position as the world’s longest Chess Marathon.

The audit critically examined and revealed the media sentiment, media reach, media share by countries, and media type of Tunde Onakoya’s Chess Marathon.

Based on the analysis, Tunde Onakoya has achieved a 97% positive sentiment, presenting a prime opportunity for strategic leverage. By harnessing this wave of positivity, Tunde can foster brand loyalty, deepen audience engagement, champion charitable foundations focused on children’s mental development, and forge impactful partnerships to amplify his mission.

The media share analysis reveals the dominant countries in earned media coverage of Tunde Onakoya’s Chess Marathon. Nigeria leads the analysis with a 77% share, showcasing a significant level of local recognition and support. In second place is the USA at 8%, demonstrating a noteworthy international interest. The United Kingdom, Ghana, and France each contributed 2% to the coverage, reflecting a modest but noteworthy presence. Conversely, other countries exhibited lower media shares, suggesting a spectrum of interest levels. These include South Africa, New Zealand, Uganda, Canada, Australia, and others.

Despite commendable support from Nigeria, leveraging the international share may broaden visibility.

The analysis of Tunde Onakoya’s Chess Marathon utilized media data collected from both traditional and online media sources. These diverse mediums offered valuable insights into the event’s reach, impact, and unique attributes. Impressively, 86% of the coverage originated from digital platforms, underscoring their pivotal role in shaping awareness and engagement surrounding the event. Meanwhile, traditional media accounted for 14% of the media exposure, lending a sense of credibility and authenticity to the marathon. This distribution highlights the dynamic interplay between digital and traditional media in amplifying the event’s significance and fostering audience engagement.

The estimated media reach of 3,734,696,710 was derived from cumulative visits and readership across both digital and traditional media platforms. This figure serves as a testament to the widespread popularity and resounding success of the Chess Marathon’s media engagement efforts. It is important to note that this reach encompasses the total media exposure garnered globally, which allows for several visits by the same individuals, rather than the count of unique visitors.

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