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Bullion Go-Neat Global Takes Bold Steps Against Unauthorized Exports of Coco Samba



By Ibrahim Kegbegbe

Bullion Go-Neat Global Limited, under the leadership of Chairman, MD, and CEO Ambassador Olufemi Ajadi Oguntoyinbo, is taking decisive measures to combat unauthorized exports of its products, particularly the popularly known Coco Samba.

The management has expressed concern over individuals exporting without proper permits and in violation of the company regulations.

To control this issue, the management announced that the export packages of the company’s products will now be inscribed with “export only” alongside the label of the products as a means of identification for authorized exporters.

The management furthermore said Individuals exporting without company-certified approval or distributorship permits have violated the company’s standards and rules.

“We are calling on everyone who wants to export our products to follow our proper procedures and rules for the export standard, which has export only in the carton and label of our products,” the management said.

It emphasized the importance of adherence to the company’s rules and instructions for aspiring exporters, emphasizing that the move aims to protect the company’s products and ensure compliance with health and safety standards.

In a related development, during Bullion Go-Neat Global Limited’s grand New Year celebration, the manager of the company, Oguntade Samuel Oluseyi, expressed gratitude for the company’s success in the past year.

The event saw valued customers gather to celebrate achievements, with a special focus on the success of their renowned beverages, CocoSamba and Seadon’s Gin.

Addressing the audience, Oguntade underscored the responsibility that comes with producing and exporting such high-quality products. He urged compliance with company policies and emphasized the significance of following NAFDAC regulations, particularly in the exportation of CocoSamba.

The manager’s speech resonated with the commitment to excellence, integrity, and responsibility in the beverage industry. He encouraged customers to familiarize themselves with Bullion Go-Neat Global Limited’s exportation guidelines, promoting a collective effort to uphold product integrity and prevent any violations of NAFDAC regulations.